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Trinity of Life Church

Letter of Intention

The Center of Guidance, Oneness, and Balance...
Trinity of Life Church
Founded 2017

From a neutral perspective, we aim to guide others to gently shift their worldview to that of oneness. In self-empowerment and promoting healing and energy abundance. A Helping Hand for Humanity to find and maintain a balance between the energies we battle with daily. The supreme balance. The Yin and the Yang, the basic ups and downs of life as we are made to understand them. Creating a manifestation of truth and balance in no longer empowering beliefs that offer a battle between them, but empower an option to approach this same relationship as a dance. A fluidity of flow, energies within oneself. Synchronicity, harmony, synergy, and Love taking place of the old paradigm, in so much as a New Paradigm base rather than an Old Paradigm based approach. Doing the healing works, instead of keeping them as souvenirs or imaginations. Helping Humanity to regain one's Humanity, one's Dignity, and one's ability for self-preservation. Giving each individual the opportunity to discover their own path as they will see into the light. We will move to assist others in manifesting their dreams and empower the dreamers to actualize their good intentions. Empowering the right intentions is key to tranquility in the New Paradigm. Put the Four Winds at the back of the visionaries by setting an example of stewardship, service to others, gentle guidance, and informative /inquisitive communication. All who honor themselves and others, will, in turn, be honored themselves. Those who are misled or are lost who truly want to participate spiritually will be given rehabilitation ceremonies and have opportunities to stop abusing substance and to help align them for true entry into our organization.

Trinity of Life Church,  It is our plan To have no walls, Church is in one's self and to use nature's elements and energies in our practices of healing and work with other in life rejuvenation. To bring forth an option of spiritual reflection that is outside of biblical format and belief as a whole. Bible verses will not be read as we are lead by mother earth and all the elements of energy and unity within oneself.